Membership & Event Registration Software

Organize successful events with the help of Smart Trakker. Today’s leading event management and meeting registration software helps you track RSVPs and send invitations through one, easy to use platform.

Membership & Event Registration Software

Organize successful events with the help of Smart Trakker. Today’s leading event management and meeting registration software helps you track RSVPs and send invitations through one, easy to use platform.

Flexible Registration using Simple or Advanced Forms

If you have a small meeting event or a large conference requiring robust features, our form builders and templates make it easy for you create intuitive forms for your attendees.

Send Emails to Targeted Groups or Everyone in your Directory

Smart Trakker email is designed to be simple and quick! Preview, save and retrieve email campaigns for repeat use. Send updates to attendees with the click of one button.

Collect Membership Dues Easier with Quick Notifications and Payments

Create dues for any member group in the directory and send all unpaid invoices with one click. Members see invoices when they login or attend an event.

Automate Member Signup with Admin Approval and Payments

Associates apply for membership through a form generated by your criteria. Require certifications, experience level, references or none at all. Review, approve or deny with a simple click. 

Are you a Visual Learner?

Our E-Learning Specialist, Michelle, will guide you on a quick tour. Smart Trakker displays your logo for a seamless experience for your attendees and members.

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Michelle demonstrates the simple design and effective processes Smart Trakker provides in just a few minutes.

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How Event Trakker Works

Step 1: Build your event/fundraising form to collect info and online payments/funds

Step 2: Easily communicate with your members based on criteria you identify

Step 3: Collect dues and invoice your members easily

Step 4: Report and send data to parent organizations

This holistic success software provides your team with the tools and planning capabilities needed to create rewarding events, helping successive events grow like you’ve never thought before. From one-on-one meetings to complex and large corporate events, Smart Trakker aids in streamlining operations, amplifying revenue streams, providing actionable insights, and ensuring maximum attendance on the day of the event.

We strive to be the best and most affordable corporate event tool for small and medium businesses to manage meeting and event registrations. It’s a simple four-step process that you will see offers valuable insights and helps you leverage your event registrations for future meetings and events.


Event automations begins with the right technology, ensuring you have the best system to support and manage your meetings. Our technology assists small and mid-sized businesses, helping create valuable in-person experiences, grow influential communities, expand brands and drive the best return on investment.

From registration software for nonprofit organizations to conference management software that creates a personal agenda to effortlessly navigate through the event, Smart Trakker is the best management system that has all your needs covered.

As one of the best tools for measuring success of events, our platform helps you build the perfect event. From promoting to gathering registrations through a secure payment process, see everything we have to offer by requesting a demo of our valuable tool.


Affordable Event Management System

For all your corporate events, partner with our software that is trusted by hundreds of brands. Our customer support is second to none and we offer the best and most affordable prices to meet your needs. Enhance engagement between attendees and sponsors to deliver a complete and exceptional experience.

Through our Event Trakker and Member Trakker tools, you’ll have access to a number of benefits that help our software stand apart.

  • Flexible registration using simple or advanced forms
  • Create web links and email invitations to events
  • Sponsor Me feature tracks donations by friends/family
  • VIP codes allow sponsors, speakers and other VIPs to attend your event at no cost
  • Easily export and report on valuable data points
  • Integrate with your Member Trakker Directory
  • Rates as low as 2.5% per transaction; some additional fees apply
  • Secure database for member contact and sensitive information about your membership
  • Create annual invoices and simplify dues collection; one click sends invoices to all
  • Automated signup process for new members with admin approval feature
  • Send mass emails to targeted groups in your directory
  • Secure Storage folders for members and administrators to share documents and files
  • Integrate with your Event Trakker registration data
  • Flexible Rates based on the size of your group or organization

With Smart Trakker, gain absolute control over the planning process for your upcoming event. Smart Trakker’s event and membership management software takes care of the planning aspect so you can focus on the experience for your attendees.

No longer is the planning of corporate events a hassle. When it comes to registrations, impress employees and customers with flawless events. Our tool successfully reduces the steps needed to manage a meeting or event and you’ll have full control over the approval of reservations and RSVPs.

Avoid the complexity of planning events and meetings, and take advantage of the simple technologies that create a one-of-a-kind experience. Eliminate missed communications and streamline the workflow through the best software and event management tool around.

Gain an understanding of how Smart Trakker can help your company and the scheduling of events or meetings. Schedule your demo today.

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