Why Choose Smart Trakker

Custom software is expensive to develop and maintain. Often, small and medium sized organizations simply cannot afford the solutions they really need. They wind up settling for out-of-the-box software that does not match up with their internal business rules.

Smart Trakker has a different approach: “It really is all about you!”

The Smart Trakker path is guided by our “digital sherpas” and based on features requested by our customers! Our fundamental strategy is to provide you a cost-effective, sustainable solution which puts you in the driver’s seat. With Smart Trakker, you are able to customize the customer experience to meet the specific needs of your membership, event or fundraiser.

We want and need your input! When it comes to your business, we believe the smartest person in the room is YOU! Review a list of enhancements and features on our developer road map, cast your vote for features you want sooner, or even request a new feature at no additional cost.

In the case you need something out of our scope, it may be possible a new module can be built on our platform saving you over half the cost of developing new custom software.

Our customers choose us because we guide them through the most efficient paths to meet their goals, they stay with us because they get more done with a smaller staff and in less time.

An early version of Smart Trakker completely revamped our database and made it web-accessible for the first time.  Our data integrity was much improved as members across the country could keep their own information current. This was quite an undertaking, given the size of the membership (120,000) and the unique, multilayered structure of the Society. The new software also improved the functionality of our web services, which led to a substantial increase in online giving.

Bob D

Former National Director of Membership/Technology Services, Society of St. Vincent de Paul

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How It Works

Step 1: Build your event/fundraising form to collect info and online payments/funds

Step 2: Easily communicate with your members based on criteria you identify

Step 3: Collect dues and invoice your members easily

Step 4: Report and send data to your parent organizations