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Take complete control over your next conference and event. Smart Trakker’s conference management software system is designed to present successful meetings and plan professional, smoothly operating conferences. For this, you need more than just an event scheduling tool, you need an all in one solution: Smart Trakker.

The right software is a long-term solution for your organization to start and continue planning professional conferences and events with the utmost confidence.

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A great conference, trade show, or convention takes proper management and the right system or tools.

  • Consistent, streamlined process to work faster
  • Access to current and accurate information to keep staff informed
  • Organize details quickly and easily for single or recurring conferences or trade shows
  • Professional communication software through the conference
  • Consolidated and complete reports integrated into the system

With the best integrated solution, you’ll be able to take your conferences to the next level while inspiring attendees, retaining customers, and maximizing your ROI. If you find yourself stressed when the next event is coming up quickly, presented with unforeseen challenges and extensive pre-event tasks, Smart Trakker’s conference registration system and management software eliminates the stress and has you covered every step of the way.

If you want to learn more about conference management systems and event registration software for your Philadelphia business, schedule a demo to see how Smart Trakker can give you complete control of your event. We have the support you’re looking for, and the best automated process to create a solution tailored to your needs.

Manage attendee registrations, floorplans, and more with the best conference management software available. There are numerous benefits associated with the software that helps you stay on top of operations at your conference.

  • Collaborate with team members, clients, and contractors
    ○ There are many individuals tasked with planning and executing the event. With Smart Trakker conference registration software, you can have an unlimited amount of collaborators to access and share vital information. Track to-do lists, action items, and make updates to the planning process.
  • Manage vendors and their responsibilities for the event
    ○ The best conferences are planned with dozens of vendors, contractors, and other third-parties. With Smart Trakker, keep a detailed and updated list of contact information for every vendor for budget items or itinerary items. Create and share secure documents that can be viewed by Admin, Vendors and contacts. Plus, track every detail related to each vendor’s responsibility.
  • Communication Tools
    ○ Know what needs to be done and by who through every step of the conference. Communicate messages and deadlines with notices displayed to admin staff and/or contacts in Smart Trakker. Set reminders and assign tasks to staff members with the best conference registration and association management tool.

Receive consulting for all the on-site support needed for a flawless conference. From badge printers and scanners to agenda kiosks, registration materials, and mobile app support, the Smart Trakker team will guide you to provide the best process to ensure you’re covered. Schedule your demo today to review the features or our tool and how we can help you exceed all of your meeting expectations.


Conference Registration Tool

With the automated tools and software provided by Smart Trakker, you’ll capture all critical data with instant reports and information for the conference. Your business needs the best tool for automated scheduling of the most important events of the year.

All conferences are different and entail different ideologies, from breakout sessions to special events to town halls and ongoing sessions. Handling this type of event and the attendees can complicate the execution, but Smart Trakker has you covered with the best system and solution.

We work with the unique functions of your conference to deliver the best software tool that streamlines operations. Here are just a few of the solutions that can automate the event and ensure all operations are running smoothly.

  • Onsite Check In & Badges
  • Speaker Management
  • Exhibitor & Sponsor Document and Notification Capabilities
  • Session Attendance Tracking
  • Lead Capture through Badges
  • Booth & Exhibitor Management
  • Powerful Reporting Solutions
  • Data Analysis & KPI Tools for Fundraising
  • Communication Logs & Security

Stick to event timelines and coordinate work assignments to meet deadlines leading up to the conference. Make sure you’re able to organize an entire event in one streamlined process. The solution you may be look for is Smart Trakker, where you’ll exceed expectations for the event and build a reputation for future conferences.

Through the best conference software and registration software for nonprofits or associations, receive end-to-end control and manage planning tasks with a user-friendly system. Learn more about Smart Trakker and its capabilities by scheduling your demo with the best conference management tool. We’ll help you avoid the stress and create highly professional conferences.

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