Event Registration Software in Philadelphia

Your business needs a secure system to track events and conference members, offering easy communication and a comprehensive analysis tool. When your Philadelphia area organization hosts events or conferences in the city, how do you manage event registration?

Smart Trakker’s management software is flexible to meet your most complicated of needs. Our tool successfully reduces the steps needed to manage a meeting. With the membership management system from Smart Trakker, you’ll be able to automate and simplify the entire process, building the perfect event for your attendees.

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Our registration and management software system continues to improve with new and advanced features. Comprised of multiple registration tools, when your Philadelphia business signs up with Smart Trakker for your upcoming events and conferences, here’s what you can expect:

  • Event Trakker to Run Events & Fundraisers
      ○ Complete with flexible registration options and advanced reporting measures. You’re able to track registrations and all options, plus download data for use outside the system.
  • Member Trakker for a Professional Management
      ○ When you need to send emails, invoices, or a reminder to specific members, the Member Trakker is a simple solution. You can customize the data points that work with your business model.

We have a focus on customer security, continually examining workflow to maximize data security for our customers. Through Smart Trakker, experience a fresh approach to planning, collaborating, and participant engagement.

The software system is ideal for many events, including fairs, festivals, retreats, conferences, municipal or corporate events, nonprofits and charities, and more. Many Philly area businesses trust Smart Trakker’s event management software platform and its ease of use.

Simplify the most tedious tasks of registration and membership management in Philly. Our event registration software works for your unique needs.

  • Automated management tools help you remarket to your contacts and sell out conferences quickly.
  • Sophisticated marketing programs are developed to keep event registrants engaged all year.
  • Real-time reporting to evaluate event performance and success.

This all-in-one membership management software gives you all the necessary tools in one place. Schedule a demo of our event and conference registration software to experience a fresh approach to event management.


Membership Management System

Our membership management system provides your Philly business with the most affordable pricing model. Gain absolute control over the membership management and event registration process with Smart Trakker. Our software allows you to focus on the event and the way your attendees experience the entirety of the conference.

Manage your members by eliminating missed communications and streamlining the operation with a Smart Trakker system. Learn how our software and membership management tool helps your company and the scheduling of future events.

  • Simple & Advanced Registration Forms
  • Create web links and email invitations to future events
  • Add VIP codes for sponsors and speakers
  • Report on valuable data and members
  • Secure database for member contacts and sensitive information
  • Annual invoices to simplify member dues
  • Admin approval feature that automates the signup process for new members
  • Secure storage for members and admins to share documents


Build the perfect Philadelphia event with Smart Trakker’s membership management and registration software for nonprofits. You can leverage each event to create valuable in-person experiences, grow your professional communities, and drive memberships to improve return on investment.

Start using Smart Trakker today. Successfully unite your team in one system where you’re able to recruit new members and retain memberships through each event. Through the software system, manage free and paid members while staying on budget for your event.

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