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Over 16 Years Helping Organizations and Non-Profits

Bart Niedner and Rob Ursino have been building e-commerce systems for high-profile clients since 2002. Over the years, Nonprofits, businesses and community organizations often stated how off-the-shelf products were difficult to navigate with many useless features. In 2016, Bart and Rob decided to create Smart Trakker, an online system where customers have a vote in the direction of the development! We are growing and the future is getting brighter every day!

Additional Services Available

If you have additional technology needs, we may be able to help!
We offer administrative support, consulting and custom solutions for non-profit organizations, small businesses and groups of individuals.

ResourceForge is a micro-business focused on web-based solutions for small businesses and non-profit organizations. RF focuses on custom, back-end programming that fits specific business needs. Meeting the growing need for custom solutions which are cost-effective for small and medium-sized organizations has proven to be a niche market for RF.


RF leverages custom code integration with world-class frameworks to produce cost effective results that do what out-of-the-box solutions cannot. By working with several graphic design partners to bring the design costs into alignment with your budget, RF builds what you want at a price you can afford.


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Publishing Artists provides marketing consulting, graphic design and web development to non-profit organizations, government/military contractors and businesses across the country.

Since 2004, PA has focused on non-profit organizations in the financial sector and has become the largest website provider to affiliates of the Security Traders Association. PA works closely with STA National on their annual conference in Washington DC.

Bart Niedner

Bart comes to web development via the professional study of architecture during a transformative period for that industry. In the late 1990’s our physical reality was just beginning to be meaningfully replicated in the digital world. While teaching advanced digital design to graduate students at the Washington University School of Architecture, Bart’s passion for merging art and technology shifted into emerging, web technologies. His respect for small business and his desire to be of service led him to create Resource Forge LLC in 2002.

Robert Ursino

Rob was part of the desktop publishing revolution in the early 90’s as a graphic artist supporting high value programs such as International Space Station (ISS), Tomahawk Land & Air Missile system (TLAM) and Patriot Missile Defense system (MIM-104). At that time Rob began developing on the government world wide web – it was unknown if the information superhighway would even survive! Not only did it survive, it has completely changed our lives due to open-architecture development. The same philosophy drives our Smart Trakker development today.

Rob founded Publishing Artists in 1993 and works with a Nationwide Moving Services Company grossing 100M/yr.

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