Registration Software For Nonprofits

Simplify your work registration software for all future fundraising events with Smart Trakker. Our registration software for nonprofits is designed to save time and ease the stress of managing a fundraiser, silent auction, and track donor data.

Nonprofits need fundraising management software to organize campaigns and analyze previous campaigns to learn how to enhance future fundraisers. Whether you’re hosting a small luncheon among donors, an entire conference, a golf outing, or a large gala, our registration software tool can make your life easier when it comes to registration management.

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The best registration software for nonprofits makes it easier to manage the entire scope of the event, from pre-planning to payments, tracking, and post-event follow ups. To know whether Smart Trakker is the best option for your need, think about the following questions:

  • How many attendees are you expecting?
  • How do you plan to promote the event?
  • What are the obstacles you’re looking to hurdle for with a nonprofit registration software tool?
  • Are you currently tracking ticket sales, donations, and communications?
  • Are you looking to strengthen the mission with comprehensive reporting and analytics software?

We want to learn more about your fundraising campaigns and how we can help streamline the process and create successful galas, luncheons, and other events. Request a demo of our all-in-one nonprofit and event management system for your Philadelphia area campaign.

With Smart Trakker, never worry about integration or exporting donor data. Set your fundraising goal and collect donations online through a custom link created for your fundraiser. Donors may share this link with their family and friends to exceed your fundraising goal by reaching a larger network of donors.

Features Included with Registration Software for Nonprofits
Our tools help you interact with your donors and members of the nonprofit organization seamlessly. Fundraising goals continue to climb on a yearly basis. Registration management software for nonprofits tools like Smart Trakker allow for added flexibility, helping you retain and earn more donors while reaching the goals of your foundation or organization.

As the best registration tool for nonprofits, you’ll be privy to a number of features to simplify your event management.

  • Create Email Communications
  • Send Personalized Messages Targeted to Each Donor, Volunteer, or Staff
  • Collect Payments Securely – Donations & Gifts
  • Improve Attendee Experience with Simple Signup
  • Speed Up Check-In Process
  • Generate Extensive Reports for Event Success
  • Send Follow-Up Post Event & Receive Feedback

We’ve helped many nonprofits enhance the experience of their attendees at various events. We all have unique needs for with our registration and member management tools. With Smart Trakker, you’re able to envision an upcoming event using our software. We’ll provide a demo so you can be sure you’re choosing the best nonprofit registration management tool.


What are the benefits of registration software for nonprofits?

When using Smart Trakker as your registration management tool, you’ll be able to streamline processes, cultivate relationships, track interactions, automate marketing, access fundraiser analytics and RSVPs in one dashboard.

  • Brand Awareness
  • Event Promotion & Donation Multiplication
  • Custom Ticket Packages & Coupon Codes
  • Analyze Year over Year Stats & Create Events at Anytime
  • Acknowledge Donors Easily & View all Contributions
  • Email Receipts for Donations & Auction Items
  • An Amazing Guest & Donor Experience

Our team provides the best support and is ready to assist in all aspects to ensure your nonprofit fundraising event runs smoothly from start to finish. With the best nonprofit registration software, you can let donors and attendees sign up on mobile devices, and promote your fundraising event with built-in email communication tools.

Save email addresses in specific groups or lists with our fundraising and conference registration system. We understand the importance of maintaining the entire event from one platform, and Smart Trakker has become the best registration management tool for your nonprofit.

We know that nonprofit organizations have unique needs to increase the success of your fundraising efforts and event management. Schedule a demo to learn more about the best nonprofit registration software tool and how it can streamline your campaigns and provide a great user experience.

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