Smart Trakker Roadmap

Our Roadmap is guided by our Digital Sherpas and your feedback!
Charity organizers and conference managers are finding a new path – learn why!

Past Peaks

De Soto v1.3

Closed July 31, 2017

Over a decade of customer driven design expertise was complied into our first release!

Active Version: Workman v1.4

Smart Trakker updates honor famous Adventurers & Explorers

Mrs. Fanny Bullock Workman was an American geographer, cartographer, explorer and mountaineer. Born into a wealthy Massachusetts family descended from the Pilgrims, Fanny chose a life of adventure over charity events and members only society life!

Lacking maps and high-tech gear, she overcame enormous obstacles to achieve her goals. Our team at Smart Trakker honors Fanny for her contributions and achievements proving women could climb the most remote and difficult terrain on the planet. Women had climbed regularly in the Alps since the 1850s, but in the Himalayas, mountaineering had been dominated by wealthy English men.

This Smart Trakker Version Features:

  • Stripe Integration – Provides you the ability to collect funds for events, activities and fundraising while avoiding the hassle of setup, maintenance and expensive monthly fees required by traditional merchant accounts.
  • Help and Support Updates
  • Bug Fixes : )

Next Summit

Banneker v1.5

Summer, 2018

New form builder adds amazing flexibility and features for you, attendees and sponsors!

Ride v1.6

Create your own account and start managing members, events/fundraising immediately!