Frequently Asked Questions

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My members frequently change their contact info. Can you help me keep this information updated?

Yes! Smart Trakker prompts members to update contact info periodically during normal interactions. In addition, a robust Audit Feature identifies and helps you quickly fix issues due to user input typos and changing email addresses.

I like the idea of being able to customize or request features I want, but how do I do that?

Review a list of new features on our road map, vote for those you want us to develop or submit feature requests for others to vote on. If you have a need for a feature immediately, we can share the development cost and do it ASAP!

Can I send email to only those who signed for an event?

Yes! Send emails to only those that signed up to let them know about important updates and promotions.

Is there a limit to the number of members I can have in my database?

You have an unlimited number of members and contacts, however we designed Smart Trakker for small to medium size organizations with under 800 members.

Is your website application hard to learn?

We know volunteer time is valuable and administrators are wearing many hats so our design is simple and intuitive. We provide short videos during your normal workflow so easy learning is there when you need it.

Is there an approval process when a new member applies for membership?

Yes! New members fill out an application with your requirements. They wait on queue for you to approve. Upon approval you can send an invoice and even change the amount of the invoice.

Can I send email to only those that did not sign up for an event?

Yes! Send emails to only those that did not sign up to continue to promote registration without bothering those that are already registered to attend your event.

My sponsors get free access to events and fundraisers. Can I give them access and track how many comped guests they bring?

Yes! You can create VIP codes and allow a specific number of attendees register for no cost.

Do You Have An Idea for a New Smart Trakker Module?

We would love to hear it! We are always dreaming about future Summits to climb, however we know the the best ideas come from our customers.

Contact Us if you would like to discuss your next Great Expedition. We can build the tools to get you there!

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